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    Registration details are now available below.  2022-23 USA Hockey Numbers will be required to complete your registration.  Click the USA Hockey logo below to get your NEW USA Hockey number.

    Fall 2022 Season Details

    Registration Period:                                                                           August 1st 2022 - September 11th 2022

    Season Begins: September 11th 2022    

    Divisions Offered: Bronze, Silver B, Silver A, Gold

    Game Days: Sunday Afternoon/Nights,  Monday Nights

    Season Structure:

    • 16 regular season games + 1 playoff game for top 4 teams in each division for teams/players that qualify
    • Best of 3 championship (If Time Allows)
    • Each player must play 8 games to be playoff eligible
    • Teams must have 11 players registered by start of season
    • Teams that do not have 11 players registered by 9/11/22 will have players added to their team automatically
    • All players must have 2022-23 USA Hockey to register



    Team Fee Payment - $4500

    • Team captain registers team online and pays $4500 team fee
    • Captain will upload team roster during registration
    • All players on roster must still register online with their     2022-23 USA Hockey Numbers.
    • If you are NOT the Team Captain, select "My Captain Paid the Team Fee" at registration in order to not be charged. 

    Individual Payment

    • Team Captain Registers Team
    • All players must register online with their  2022-23 USA Hockey Numbers
    • $450 Paid In Full Or 2 Payments Of $250.00
    • First Payment Due Upon Registration
    • Second Payment Will Be Automatically Charged 

    CIAHL Contact

    Chad Norman:
    CIAHL commissioner

             2022-23 USA Hockey Numbers Are Required. Click Logo Above to Register!

    2022-23 USA Hockey Numbers Are Required. Click Logo Above to Register!

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